Equipped with 27 years of experience, along with our proprietary IT management framework (FRITZ®) and partnerships with industry influencers such as ServiceNow, ISM continues to assist Government agencies with their ever-evolving demands and pursuit of efficiency.

ISM finds the optimal combination of people, process, and technology applied to the project pipeline to best meet the financial, technical and human resource objectives of the government agency.

Management objectives overview

ISM provides a truly unique offering by integrating the full suite of Service Portfolio, Application Portfolio, Workforce Management, and Project Portfolio Management into an optimized delivery that enables innovation and agility with the agency.

  • Manage and monitor IT spending for quick, value-added results

  • Review and improve existing work management practices

  • Centralize and standardize the demand management process

  • Optimize and control the allocation of critical resources for project work

  • Increase work administration efficiency

Data Center Management

At ISM our services are designed to provide Data Center and Technology Services for large-scale government clients’ service delivery and improve program execution. Our support services for data centers help to address challenges with acquisition, vendor management, power, cooling, servers, storage, software, networking equipment and security.

We ensure delivery on this by:

  • Performing health checks and assessments on support systems

  • Fulfilling the customer's Data Center Consolidation Plan and the execution of the customer’s transition plan

  • Implementing best practices for Ongoing Optimization Support


Federal government contracting vehicles: GSA Schedule 70 (IT Services), GS-35F-0193X;

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) eFAST contract holder, DTFAWA11A-00153;

and SeaPort-E contract holder, N00178-12-D-6912